Hello, my name is Christopher Pierce and I am an experienced live sound engineer and accelerator physicist located in Ithaca, New York.

As the former Technical Director of the nonprofit production company Lens and Lights I have provided high quality audio services for hundreds of my clients.  Serving in this capacity, I have worked at events that range from small political gatherings up to internationally touring musical acts and am capable of fulfilling even the most complex technical requirements encountered on the job.  Along the way, I have also helped to educate the next generation of event production professionals.

At Cornell University I am working with the Bazarov Group to help advance the state of particle accelerator technology.  My research is focused on the generation and transport of high brightness electron beams.  In particular, I am helping to design new types of photoinjectors that promise to produce beams with low mean transverse energy at a high quantum efficiency.  In addition, I am studying the causes of emittance degradation inside of ultrafast electron diffraction beamlines in an attempt to correct for their effects.  I am affiliated with the Center for Bright Beams, an NSF funded national research center. 

Are you looking for a freelance audio engineer?  Let me help make your next job go off without a hitch.  Start the process by using my contact form, or check out my experiences by viewing the resumes below.




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